Celebrating your special occasion with Sydney Party Bus is an experience you won’t forget! Fun is the name of the game and you’ll find that the energy on a party bus is contagious. Everyone on the bus is there for one reason, to party and have fun. With that said you could expect to meet many people in the mood to have the time of their lives. All of our buses are equipped with disco lights a pumping sound-system and iPod connectivity, our upgraded buses even have toilets, dance floors & dance poles. Some say the experience is an exclusive nightclub on wheels and in many ways this is true. Travel with Sydney Party Bus and the Party really is On The Bus! & often times, guests just don’t want to get off, even to go into scheduled venues!

Sydney Party Bus will make it our first priority that you enjoy your experience with us, and that you do it safely. We recommend all customers read and follow our Tour Rules & Guidelines.

Planning your special occasion has never been easier with Sydney Party Bus. Our experienced and friendly staff will do their very best to tailor a package that suits your group and occasion perfectly and will be in contact with you right up until the date of your tour. On the night, an RSA qualified Tour Guide and Social Photographer will make sure everything runs smoothly and to plan on the night while capturing every precious moment along the way. Without the worry of getting you and your mates home safely, you’ll be able to relax and truly enjoy the sights and sounds of the buzzing Sydney city. While a night on the town may seem, at least on the surface, to be an opportunity for drinking to excess but it really shouldn’t be. To avoid excessive binge drinking and potentially damaging the night for everyone involved, please take note of our party tips listed below.

Party Tips to Maximise Your Fun

  • Eat. The first stop is normally a lunch or dinner stop.
  • Pace Yourself. Take your time! You have a big night or day ahead of you so don’t be in a rush at the first bar because there are plenty more stops to go.
  • Drink water. Alcohol dehydrates, so it’s important to “space” your drinks out with glasses of water and re-hydrate. It will help save the hangover the next morning.
  • ID. Carry proper government-issued signed photo identification and perhaps a spare form of ID just in case. The venues we attend reserve the right to ask for such at any given time.
  • Dress code. We ask that you “DRESS TO IMPRESS”! If you are out of dress code, you may be refused entrance into some venues. Austrek Tours takes no responsibility for this.
  • Don’t Drink & Drive. We organised the transport between venues but make sure you have a safe way of getting home when we drop you off. If you have been drinking PLEASE DON’T DRIVE!!!
  • *Please note that while Pubtrek has affiliations with all venues on any given tour, individual entry is still subject to scrutiny based on appearance and intoxication. Every venue reserves the right to prohibit entry and evict persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade admission. Management has the right to refuse  entry to patrons carrying prohibited items, or confiscate those items.