Meet the Team

All of our partystarters are RSA qualified experienced tour guides that will make sure your night runs smoothly from start to finish. Request a tour guide when making your booking!

Aaron Partystarter

10522094_649394911812799_712208694893593122_nAge: 18

Favorite Drink: Smirnoff Vodka, Jim Beam and shots of course!! 🙂

Favorite Venue: have to be Retro, 3 different levels of music for eveyone to get their groove on, place is always absolutely pumping!!

Favorite Music: Rn’B, Hip Hop, Techno and Dubstep.

Funniest Experience on the Job: Definitely my first out on the job by myself for a Hens Night, we had just left Dancers Cabaret and  I got paid to rip my shirt off and dance on the stripper pole on the party bus. The hens loved it!

Gemma Partystarter

601698_10200474629375093_1486143831_n  Age: 20

  Favorite Drink: Skittle bombs! Hard to come by though. And I’ll never say no to a Wet Pussy shot 😉

  Favorite Venue: Definitely the bus! Pumping music and our own personal dance floor – bliss!
But if you’re forcing me outside, I’m pretty easy going. As you can see me on the right in my photo, I’ll find fun no matter where I am!

  Favorite Music: I love a little bit of everything. 90’s alternative and old school rock is my weakness! But in the clubs, anything loud with a lot of bass will get me going every time.

  Funniest Experience on the Job: On a recent tour, one of the boys from a bucks group decided to remove his pants, hitch his undies right up his bum and do cartwheels across the field at the lawn bowls club. I have the photos to prove it! I’m surprised they still let us back there.


Kylie Partystarter


Age: 18

Favorite Drink: Vanilla Coke

Favorite Venue: Anywhere in the city, it’s so beautiful at night!

Favorite Music: Techno!

Funniest Experience on the Job: Every job I do comes with a new funny experience, it’s so hard to pick just one!


Charlotte Partystarter

Age: 20

Favorite Drink: Anything with vodka!

Favorite Venue: At the moment it’s Dancer’s Cabaret

Favorite Music: Anything I can dance to!

Funniest Experience on the Job: Would have to be the time our passengers whipped out a beer bong on the bus.



Maddie Partystarter

Age: 21

Favorite Drink: Vodka Raspberry tickles the tastebuds 🙂

Favorite Venue: Candy’s or The Club – two totally different clubs but they both give off an amazing party vibe!

Favorite Music: I like all kinds of music, as long as i can dance to it!

Funniest Experience on the Job: The time I had a guy on a bucks group lick the stripper pole on the bus after another party goer grinded and humped the pole naked… never seen a guy work it like that!



Alana Partystarter

Age: 21

Favorite Drink: Vodka Sunrise.

Favorite Venue: Candy’s – because it’s where the magic happens 🙂

Favorite Music: I like everything, but Dubstep really gets me going on the dance floor.

Funniest Experience on the Job: When my buck got his head shaved into a mo-hawk by a naked stripper!






Sonia Partystarter

Call me Sunny!P1040580

Age: old enough 😉

Favorite Drink: Long Island Ice Tea – because you only need one!

Favorite Venue: OMG – Because I love getting my grind on!

Favorite Music: R’n’B of course!

Funniest Experience on the Job: Would have to be the time I was offered $1,000 to get my tits out.










Favorite Drink: 

Favorite Venue:

Favorite Music:

Funniest Experience on the Job:



Tamlyn Partystarter

Age: 22

Favorite Drink: Champagne

Favorite Venue: The bus itself.. where all the fun happens.

Favorite Music: The stuff that makes everyone siiing!

Funniest Experience on the Job: Seeing a guy get smacked in the head by a billiard ball that came flying
out of a stripper!








Favorite Drink:

Favorite Venue:

Favourite Music: Funniest Experience on the Job:





Dean Choma

‘The Boss’


Age: 46

Favorite Drink: A tequila slammer (for breakfast!)

Favorite Venue: The Hangout (My Place!) – because it feels like home.

Favorite Music: I have two types of favorite music – Rock & Roll.

Funniest Experience on the Job: I’ve got too many funny experiences to list. They happen weekly!

“I started this party in 1989, now it’s one of the largest party bus touring companies in AUSTRALIA. I love my work and the fun we deliver.”

– Dean


Fethri Partystarter

Age: 34

Favorite Drinks: Beer (Pub & BBQ) – Rossini Champagne, Pink & Red Martini (Clubs & Cocktails Bar), After 8 shot, and of course Wine and Pastis (French touch)… Ooh 🙂 Mojito, i love it too…. Huumm I realise I cannot choose one??

Favorite Venue: For now my favourite venue is the first we did during my training, but i am pretty sure it will always depends on the guests. The bus sounds like a great place… Probably the intimacy and safety between friends ?
I discover everything in Australia, and Sydney keeps surprising me!

Favorite Music: Electronic, Hip Hop & R’n’B … But 80’s and 90’s can be really cool sometimes.

Funniest Experience on the Job:
So many… But here in Australia, it was definitely our Christmas in July party when I met some of our crazy staff members!

Anne Partystarter


image[4]Age: 22

Favourite drinks: Vodka anything, and tequilaaaaa!

Favourite venue: Candy’s! What happens at Candy’s stays at Candy’s!

Favourite music: Anything that will make us dance and have a good time!

Funniest experience on the job: Every trip is amazing fun, but partying with a bodybuilder midget will stay with me forever!

Jeremy Partystarter


Favourite drinks:

Favourite venue:

Favourite music:

Funniest experience on the job: