Need to get to the cross?
Need to get home?
Need a good time?

With it’s intimate underground atmosphere and world class sound system pumping the dirtiest beats in the cross, the Candy’s Express is your ticket to a unique clubbing experience that won’t be forgotten.
The Candy’s Express is a non exclusive tour (picks up many different groups at different locations) & will give you comfortable, reliable transport to & from your favorite club in the cross – CANDY’S!

The latest and greatest offer flying out the doors of Sydney’s famous Party Buses and into the arms of Candy’s Apartment is the Candy’s Express, ultimate clubbing experience. When purchasing a ticket, you are securing yourself a spot on one of Sydney’s famous party buses for transport TO and FROM Kings Cross, VIP entry into Candy’s Apartment (no cover charge) and a pizza dinner on the way in!

The first running of this offer is on Friday the 18th of July – not too far away at all!

Tickets are being sold at only $40 per person and they are selling FAST. Purchase them online by clicking HERE

Bus picks up in Camden, Narellan and Campbelltown.
Drinking on the bus permitted, however strictly 2 drinks per person and NO GLASS WHATSOEVER.


Hens Party News

Sonja, our head Party Coordinator has been a Hen herself. She has organized and experienced over 100 Hens Parties in Sydney which makes her the Queen of all Hens Parties.

There is one crucial thing to know when organising a Hens Party with a Party Bus Company. Sonja has given us her tips on the Do’s and Don’ts of a Party Bus Charter Vs a Party Bus Tour. Once you have read this you will have a new and better perspective of what your next choice will be…

“Working in the Party Bus industry has shown be how ruthless some business owners can be. This industry has many so called “copy cats” that think they can run a business and not have to do the legal safety obligations that should be compulsory to all Party Bus Operates. Time after time I see the outcome of a Hens or Bucks Party gone terribly wrong when they have chosen to go ahead with a “Charter” Party Bus instead of an organised, insured “Party Tour”. Examples such as not having a guest list at any venue in Sydney and being refused entry, the group ending up in a street brawl and having no responsible Party host to guide the group to a safer place thus ending the Party in a cop shop. Gate crashers, no RSA – uncontrollable drinking, no guaranteed entry to venues, no direction or organisation between the group and the Party Bus. These are just among a few of the stories I have seen from groups who have chosen to organise the Party on their own, go with a cheaper option and run the bus as charter. Not knowing what you are getting yourself into is the main problem. There is not enough information online educating us about these certain problems. We too often only see the terrible incidents in Kings Cross when innocent people are hurt or even killed after a night out of drinking and being involved in unprovoked attacks. Many of these incidents could have been prevented if there were responsible hosts with these large groups of drunk people. The truth is that a Party Charter leaves the booking person responsible for anything that happens to the bus or group. This is a a large responsibility when you don’t actually know what you are taking on. When booking a “Party Tour” it is a complete opposite situation you are putting yourself into. Not only is a “Tour” insured to take groups in a Party Bus to and from your own home, in and out of venues with an RSA qualified Tour Guide but the entire booking is looked after by professionals who know the market, know the venues and know what is best for your group. It is the safest option – and at the end of the day it is the option you want to choose for any upcoming Hens or Bucks Party. You only have one so make it the one to remember!!”

Having read that now, we believe you are now the best person to make the decision on weather a Charter option is better for your group or a Party Tour. Below is a tick list of what we think you should go by.

Charter Party Bus

  • Not exclusive to your group – they allow other patrons to board the bus without your permission.
  • Company’s with only 1 bus often double book – they will take your deposit then go with the booking that will in turn provide them more money.
  • They don’t always provide the service they claim to.
  • Booking person is responsible for where the group and bus go.
  • Not having to provide a guest list leaves the group undecided as to who is really who…

Party Tour

  • Guest list – a good party is always with those you know.
  • V.I.P – guaranteed entry into scheduled venues who know of your arrival and have you on their guest list.
  • Accredited and Insured company to provide a safe and hassel free event.
  • RSA qualified Tour Guide who makes sure the night runs smoothly and the group is safe.
  • Exclusive bus for your group ONLY!
  • Professional Event Co Ordinator organising the tour from start to finish.


Having a party?

The opportunities are endless when planning in Sydney, so I’ve compiled a quick list of tips and ideas for you to take advantage of!

Summer time is usually the best to try some outdoor activities, but the appeal of air-conditioned indoor activities is also at large! Every idea listed is suitable for adult parties, teen parties or simply a day out with good company.

While the sun is still shining…

Bare Footed Lawn Bowls – Relaxing, fun and a great way to socialise with a few drinks!

Cocktail Classes -  The perfect opportunity to exercise your creative side, plus the added reward of consuming your creations upon completion of the class! ;)

Tree Tops Adventure Park – For those feeling adventurous!

FastLane Karting – To satisfy any adrenalin cravings and create some friendly competition among friends!

Races Package - Use one of our famous Party Buses to charter to and from The Races, with added freebies upon booking!

For the nocturnal…

Men In Uniform Packages – Private male dance shows, strictly for the ladies and exclusive to City Club Hopper and Sydney Party Bus packages!

FastLane Karting – Open til late!

And your choice in any of the following hot package deals we offer at Sydney Party Buses: