Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous with rules from this bunch of loonies called the government. Take a look at this!!  

Now, most of the reasons for this type of government action is because of the out of control manner in which parties gather these days. Even if Facebook events are closed events people can still pass on the news of a party with SMS and other means of communication. If you decide to throw a party at home or in any fixed location in Sydney or surrounding suburbs you are running a small risk because of the powers of social media. It is proving to be a big problem.

Sydney Party Crackdown doesn’t have to be such a downer. The City ClubHopper party bus has just the answer for girls Sydney 21st birthday party ideas these parties here.

Pubtrek has some great activities for 21st birthday party ideas in Sydney for boys here

A great idea for Sydney teenage boys birthday party gift certificate is available at Fastlane Karting. Here your party can enjoy an on-site party bus equipped with great sound system, go kart racing, Pizza and a games arcade . No problems with gate crashers or out of control groups gate at this type of party. Parents can relax and enjoy and kids can have a great time.

Candy’s apartment in kings cross is a great way to get into and out of Kings Cross.

Let’s get stuck into this party season with some safe alternatives.