In over 20 years Austrek Tours has won several industry awards for excellence in tourism with its Pubtrek and CityClubhopper brands. More recently it has developed a safe transport solution for groups visiting Sydney’s night clubs and pubs. Working with venues such as The Empire in Kings Cross, The Retro, Home Nightclub, The Mean Fiddler and many more, we have successfully delivered a door to door service for their patrons reducing their urge to drive. This can be replicated in the Kings Cross district with cooperation and support from venues and the Local Government.

The core issues with groups entering the CBD are restricted access to venues, little supervision of RSA outside of the venue and few transport options. In our industry, patrons have historically chartered a bus to get them into and out of the city. The charter company only has details of the pick up and drop off location, the hosts details and a bus driver to co-ordinate the journey.

A tour option which we provide, addresses the issues of transport and RSA in the following ways:

  • Door to door transport for groups directly to and from the venue. That is we pick them up from a central location near or at their homes, take them to their desired venue, leaving the venue we drop them back to their pick up point safely.
  • Online ticketing has allowed for manifests to be collected of every group. These are kept on record should the Police or venue need to identify a patron. All patrons on a tour are further identified with wrist bands.
  • A copy of the tour itinerary is lodged 24 hours in advance with the local LAC to monitor the bus movements.
  • A Tour Guide escorts the group from start to finish. They are qualified in RSA to monitor the consumption of alcohol during the tour. This is regulated by our strict procedure governing group behaviour and alcohol consumption.
  • Every tour includes a meal. Whether it is a sit down meal at a venue or simply pizza, venues are ensured the patrons have had an opportunity to eat before their night out.
  • Venues are pre booked with a guest list provided. Venue promoters are appeased though the possible inclusion of their door fee by promoting our package to their target market.

In 2011, Austrek Tours consulted with the Department of Gaming and Racing to develop a voluntary Code of Conduct for the Party bus industry. Our official response to this code can be found here. Only a few of the major providers in our industry have complied with this code. The responsibility of regulating our industry has now been passed on to the Department of Transport who are yet to distinguish the difference between a tour and a charter. We have taken our contribution a step further;

Since July 1 Austrek Tours no longer offers a charter service to groups visiting licenced venues or consuming alcohol on the bus. These groups are now directed to our tour products which are designed to cater as a safe transport solution for our community and the venues who have a duty of care to ensure their patrons get home safely.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this structure with any interested party to ensure an acceptable solution is reached considering the patron, venue and local community interests. Please direct all enquiries here. We welcome comments and feedback below

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