Time to party!

The biggest event in any party persons life.  A time when families and parents provide a passage to adulthood.  Some like to celebrate with a gathering at home with food, grog and music while others hire out a venue. This is a little story of what you are about to experience.

The 20 year old who is turning 21
The most important thing here to make sure this event is seen by all of my friends as being the coolest party ever. This means there is no rules, plenty of grog, no parents, loud cool music, something exciting that my friends will think that I am the most popular and best person in the world. People are going to beg to come to my party . My friends are the most important thing in my life.



The ParentsWho wants their house trashed....not Mum and Dad!
I think I have done a good job in raising my kids. I do trust that they have some sort of  respect for me and the family. I would like the 21st to be a good fun party for my kids. I do want to be part of it but a know I can’t cramp their style.  I wonder what it will cost. Do we have it at home where we can keep an eye on them or do we leave them with the house.. Nah, better not. You never know who might show up with that facebook shit. What about a hall or something? Then we need security. Food, grog and entertainment. How do we control the bad ones and what about gate crashers and duty of care if they drink too much.  Hmmm?


Good times and great memories!

The friends
I wonder what their 21st will be like? I hope it’s not boring. Maybe we can just go for a bit then take off to something better. I wonder if they have free grog. We can get smashed and run amok then go out. If those cool people don’t go then I probably won’t either. I might just show up if nothing else is happening.  If their parents are there then stuff that. I might try some drugs. Then I will really have a good time. We can do crazy shit and get away with it coz nobody is going to tell us what to do. Cool…

The law
Another bunch of crazy idiots who are still kids. They really need to learn that their actions are their own responsibility. We will not tolerate such stupid behaviour.

Some of the points made here might strike a cord with you. During recent times the news has shown the ever increasing problems associated with young people partying.  Social media these days can get the message out to everybody within seconds. This message can be great news and it can be the news of disaster. Events now go down in timelines that will stay forever. Cameras are everywhere and people load info in real time. Invitations go viral in seconds as does the cruel truth. It can make huge differences on a young persons life. Other things that are now with us are better drugs and more alcohol abuse, less tolerance for antisocial behavior and more responcibilities for party hosts.

A perfect party alternative

A Tour Guide will get your party started!

A party bus tour package is a perfect solution to all of this. It keeps the party flowing and together while keeping the party free of unwanted guests. The city Clubhopper package from AusTrek tours is perfect for 21st birthday parties. This tour is aimed at keeping both the parents and the 21 year olds happy by providing an early opt out option for mums and dads to attend the key and cake ceremony then seeing the party go out to Sydney’s best night clubs afterwards. All perfectly tailored to suit each group. The mess is kept on the bus and not in the house. The group stays together with a Tour Guide to look after them and get them home safely.

Starting from $2000 to the parents for a 21st Birthday tour package including the Cityclubhopper standard package. With the added ticketing off each person who is attending the party to pay $20 each into the birthday party gift. This also locks in all RSVP and provides a clean list of party goers for the event.

The biggest and the best!

Night tours start at 7:30pm and roll on till 3am.
There are also day tours available that suit perfectly the boys birthday party. These days are called Pubtrek Happy Daze and they are heaps of fun. Cruise boats provide another good option for mums and dads to join the party during a Saturday afternoon on the harbour before the youngsters hit the town afterwards. They start at midday and go till 5pm.
Go karting is a really good activity for the guys and girls to have some fun without alcohol. The times for that activity are open.  There is a VIP area which includes BBQ facilities or pizza can be ordered.



We have a number of packages to suit your groups taste such as our Home Niteclub Party pack for only $25pp, or our Friday Fiddler Fun party for only $40pp including Pizza!!!

Our Event Co-ordinators are happy to tailor an event to suit your needs taking all the hard work out of organising the party. Call 1300 PARTY ON to talk with our friendly staff or Click Here and we will contact you at a time that suits.