Be the Heroine!

So you are the Maid of Honour…

Are you ready to rock? A lot of responsibility is now placed on you, whether you’re mellowing out or whooping it up, you need to be well prepared for this infamous night. Its no longer about home get togethers, pampering the Bride-To-Be with presents and compliments… you can save that for the wedding… its all about a fantastic night out with girlfriends and family that’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Some things to consider.

1) The wedding. Who is coming? Who do you want to meet and connect with. After all, the wedding is all about family and friends right? It’s not about gyrating male dancers and holding the hens hair back when shes had a little too much. But it can be if the Hen is the daring wild type.

2) The Hen. What does she want out of it. Probably heaps of good pics and memories of the most important people in

A nice place to eat is crutial!

her life. Not some randoms invited to the hens party just to make up the numbers. Establish her comfort levels. If she wants G-rated instead of G-string, review your options together. If she does want to walk on the wild side? Get her to define exactly what that means. Remember, while you want her to cut loose, you don’t want to mortally embarrass her, or worse, totally freak her out.

3) The activities. When sorting a hens party you might want to think about what brings the girls together and what makes them enjoy each others company. Something that they all can take part in. Remember, the hen is marrying the most important man in her life and a fabulous time can be had by all with little money! The point is to reminisce, laugh, act goofy, and embarrass the bride at least a little.

4) Where to take it. Well, that’s probably the most difficult thing there is. Hens parties are becoming less and less traditional because of all the great and different things to do now.  There have been many maids of honour that have made the Hens last night of freedom a complete bore when its supposed to be an opportunity to relax and take a break from all the stress and drama that goes hand in hand with planning a wedding. Keep all the invitees well informed and plan ahead! Remember, these days most venues around town will simply not deal with large groups and the last thing you want to be is all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Your guide should know some games to play along the way!

5) Invitations. Remember the night isn’t just about making the Hen feel like a princess… its about all her closest friends and family being there to enjoy in the celebrations with her and making sure everyone gets to know each other will really make the night memorable. Just be sure not to forget the inlaws, mum, aunties, cousins, work colleagues, team mates and others the Hen will need around her.

6) After the event… remember Mums the word 😉  There is no way the Buck will be divulging details of his night out… so why should us girls? The chances are nothing too harmful or incriminating happened anyway and with a great night out had by all, the wedding day is a great opportunity to keep the magic of the night out alive with the occasional wink, glance or cheeky smile from the other girls.

7) Making it stick. When you pull off the most unbelievable time ever, you will want to prove it. Not only prove it but have something down that made the gathering produce something that created much more than just a hangover. Photos that are not too incriminating that include some of the best memories ever. Or maybe even a music video slide show or the night with the Hens favourite tunes. How great would that be!!!!

These days anybody can build a website and call themselves a business. Agents don’t care about what happens after

Good times with good friends - Day or Night to suit your group!

they have your money! So watch out for agents when searching for the ultimate night out. Go to the source and deal directly if you want your night to go exactly as planned.

So all you Maid on Honours out there… get talking… get planning… and get ready to organise the best night out a girl could have!  PARTY ON!