On saturday night City Clubhopper hosted Lorah’s 21st on a Party Bus in Sydney!

Adam was their Partystarter for the night. His job was to get the guys VIP access to the best clubs in Sydney and deliver fun! He picked up the group from Penrith Panthers then stopped off at Dan Murphies for drinks before heading into the city pumping the tunes and disco lights. The group enjoyed their meals at Shark Hotel and a few games of pool. We then headed up to the Gaff (Mansion) on Oxford Street. DJ Cam at the Gaff gave a big shout out to the birthday girl then they got her on the bar for a dance with her best friend!!!! Check out the pics!

The group was having such a good time at The Gaff we skipped The Retro and headed straight for Home niteclub. No queues, No entry fee, City Clubhoppers are VIP’s!

The group had a blast, Adam Partystarter was playing a few games with Facebook checking into all the niteclubs and posting live pics of her party. Judging from the feedback on Facebook the group will be back soon to check out some of the other clubs and pubs City Clubhopper has to offer.

Lorah loved the City Nights package we put together for her 21st Birthday. CLICK HERE for City Clubhopper to get your party started!